Best Characters In Free Fire Game

best character in Free fire

Are you looking for the best character in free fire game, in this article you will read which character is best in free fire game. Free Fire has more than 40 cool characters with different abilities. Players choose different characters according to their choice. You can get these characters by paying diamonds and coins from the game store. Here you will find out which are the best free fire characters.

Top 5 best characters in Free Fire

top 5 best charater in free fire

Chrono(Time Turner)

This character has the ability to time turn. This ability help in defending against the opponent. This character creates a boundary around you and protects you with 800 damages for six seconds. 

Wukong (Camouflage)

This character is very cool as it helps the player hide from the enemies. The player can convert himself into bushes by using this character for 10 seconds. This character is updated in 0B30 according to which player speed is less than 40 percent when using this skill. 

DJ Alok(Drop the beat)

One of the versatile charters is DJ Alok as it helps to increase the speed of the player and his partners who are in the range of a five-meter zone. It also heals the wound of player allies under the area for 5HP/sec for 10 seconds.

 Maro (Falcon Fervor)

This character provides the best skill of hunting. By using this character you can kill your enemies even at long distances with a bow. It also increases the speed of the player as well as increases the damage ratio around your opponents.

Shirou (Damage Delivered)

This character is very supportive of their team. It heals the wound of players of team members. It increases the energy power (EP) by fifty points. It gives two different abilities

Jiu-jitsu Mode:

In this mode, all the allies get access almost five hundred EP conversion rate. Their HP increases faster as they have EP.

Psychology Mode:

In this mode, every allies get up to 2 EP after every 3 seconds up to 100 EP.

Best free fire Girls Characters

We also inform you about the best characters of girls in the garena free fire world.


This game character has the ability to Hat Tricks. This assists you to increase your HP of the gamer 8 up to 35. The soccer star set is available on this character which is eye-catching. Free-fire game provides some other advantages to the gamer.

This game provides some additional events. Luqueta’s Top Up event is one of them. You can get this character by paying 200 diamonds.

Jota Character:

This character is best for those who use SMGs or Shotguns. Your HP increases up to 40 as you kill your opponent. This is beneficial for those players who have an aggressive playing style. 

Rafael Character:

This character has the ability to keep your presence hidden. This character is also referred “Dead silent”. Your enemy can’t see you while you are attacking your opponent. Even all your weapons have silencers due to no one can find you. 

Clu Character:

As you can understand with its name you find out the location of your opponent. It has its own detective method it is also called the Modern Private Eye Set. It has six levels. At each level, you are rewarded with its character pieces. 

Moreover, she has three more abilities that you can get as your level up. It also helps in preventing camping activities in the game.

Video For Best Character in Free Fire

YouTube video

The number 1 character is DJ Alok in the free fire. His most unique ability is dropping the beat.

Xayne is the one character who has the ability to break down the boundary very easily. 

Both characters are good but DJ Alok is the more preferable character as he helps to increase the level of free fire ranked. It increases the speed of the team as well as recovers player HP constantly. 

These are the most used characters in free fire 2022, Chrono, DJ Alok, K (Master of All), Skyler, DJ Alok

The Bottom Lines

I hope this post is helpful to you in choosing the right character while playing according to your playing style. If you want to win the match you must have to select the best character in free fire as various characters have different skills. If you find this article interesting and helpful then share it with your friends. Also, share your experience in the comment section underneath.

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