Best Guns in Free Fire | 5 Top Free Fire guns

Best Guns in Free Fire

Every gun has its own unique features….it depends on your gameplay which gun is best for you. If you want to win the free-fire matches, then you’ve required great map sense. Although, selecting the right fire gun also plays significant for great success. Here we discuss the top guns in free fire game.

Top 5 best guns in free fire


mp40 free fire

MP40 is considered one of the most powerful free fire gan, if you take this free fire best gun with GROZA, you kill enemies like a machine gun. The rate of this gun is 83 and boasts a 20-round magazine. You can kill the against players before they realize your existence. 

In “submachine gun in ff” the only connection you may get is the magazine. Its scope may be nice but its accuracy is just 17 and rang 22. But if you like the gun free fire SMG, this gun is used at close range. MP40 is beneficial for new players as it fits with any suitable playstyle. You can get this gun by applying different redeem code.

Movement speed63
Rate of Fire 83


AWM free fire

If you want reliability then AWM is the best option. This sniper rifle gun in free fire is the most appropriate when you’re at long range and can focus on fixed targets. It has the best long range gun in free fire. It hit 91 but reload speed is 34. The magazine is only five shots. However, in the right hands, you’ll have the option to kill the target for the whole day.

Movement speed65
Rate of Fire 27

3- Wukong:


top 5 best charater in free fire

M60 gun has high damage and AOE. this rifle is not much strong as GROZA. And it has packed 60 rounds in the magazine. This gun is great all around. You can attach only one magazine, so it’s minimal in the approach of updating. This gun has a light machine that works accurately in the middle range. It reloads capacity is 48 and its accuracy is 43. The best combo in this game is P90 and M60. but some players consider the best combination is M40 and M60. you can try both combo and decide which is best. To buy this rifle you have to spend 30 diamonds, from the armory shop.  

Movement speed62
Rate of Fire 42


top 5 best charater in free fire

Groza rifle works like an SMG and monster of a weapon that causes harm to an assault rifles. There is only one drawback, you can only vile this rifle from the airdrop. Groza gun on free fire damage rate is 61 and its reload speed is 48. Its accuracy is 54, the magazine holds 30 rounds. This rifle is best for the mid to short range.

Movement speed58
Rate of Fire 56

Best guns in free fire

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The best gun in free fire is AK47. The best gun list is not completed without including it.

M1887 is better for reload speed, accuracy, and in the rate of fire. While M10147 is better for short range.

The best gun for long rang is AWM, its range is 91.

If you want to shoot at long range, AWM gun is the best choice.

The Bottom Lines

If you want to take the victory then you know the best fire guns in free fire . We hope this list helps you to select the right gun to kill your enemies. You can choose the best free fire all guns according to your playstyle. Stick your favorite gun as long you don’t get bored. This helps you to improve your hold on the gun as well as make you more confident. For more information keep visiting our website. And if you’ve any questions regarding this post, you can ask in the comment section. We make sure to answer them.

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