How to block Free Fire game in router

block Free fire game in router

As we all know that children are stubborn to pick up mobiles every day and spend all their time playing useless games which have a bad effect on children’s education and health. Today I will tell you diferent method how you can unblock free fire or any game through your wifi router .There is a several particular way to block free fire. The method depends on your device. For blocking free fire game on your wifi depends upon network configuration and particular router. Although, Block Free Fire game in router includes some tips such as off the SSID Broadcast and using the firewall to block traffic from a specific IP address.

how to block ssid on free fire router

You can also set up a guest network that blocks particular apps. There are some other tips to block this game, such as:

How to block games in play store

It’s pretty basic to set parental control on Free fire ios. First, create your restricted profile. This particular profile is used to set the limit of your child whose content he can see on the app. To set parenteral control on Free fire game, follow the given steps.

how to setup parental control on ios
  • Open your mobile setting, then go to the Screen Timer.
  • Turn it on.
  • You’ll see two option
  • Click on “This is my child’s Phone.”
  • Set down time
  • After that, click on any one option (Social, Games)
  • Go for Game If You want to limit the game
  • Set the time amount
  • After that, put a passcode
  • once all is done, You’ve successfully restricted games on mobile

But this method is not enough if your child used such an account for which you’ve no password.

How do you block Free fire id?

To block the FF game on your device, you must contact Garena customer services.

How do you block Free fire from Youtube?

To block this game on Youtube, you can use the Parental Control option available on youtube. For this purpose, go to Youtube and sign in. On the right top corner, you can see three lines. Tap on it. Click on the setting option here Parental control option is available. Press on it. Now you enable the parental control set rules and regulations for your children to use.  

How do you block games on your mobile?

how to set up parental controls for free fire

Many games offer Parental control. For this purpose, go to the PlayStore, Tap on the top right icon, and scroll down to the bottom of the page. Now click on the “Setting” option. You’ll see their Parental control. Press it. You can set rules for your children’s mobile usage. Or select your phone password. Through this method, you must enter your password before accessing any app on your mobile. 

Tutorial (How to Block Free Fire on router)

YouTube video

This game is an action game. You’ve to fight with other players. The fighting in this game makes you aggressive in real life. 

In a free fire, you have to make quick decisions that may not be good for your brain. But you can play it for relaxing and fun purposes.  

This game is full of thrill and violence. Some players used lousy language, which is unsuitable for teenagers. 

For this purpose, sign out with your FF account and don’t log in to this account again. After six months, Garena deletes your accoun permanently. but make sure a third party links unlinks From your account. 

Final thoughts

This article discussed how to block Free fire game in router, And set specific rules for your children from the usage of this game. You can control your kid’s Free fire account by enabling parental control. You can also remove this game from the google store or app store. For more information, please keep visiting our site. And if you’ve any queries related to this post, you can ask in the comment section underneath.

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