Free Fire 6th anniversary | Celebrating Day

Pubg Vs Free Fire

This game is the most significant royal battle gameplay worldwide. In this game, there are various modes, for example, the bond squad, Zombie invasion, Clash squad, and rush hour. And you can play all these modes with your friends. It is the unique selling proposition of this game.

Free Fire’s 5th anniversary special giveaway and performance

This free fire 5th anniversary event was the first time held by the Free fire company in which Justin Bieber debuted an exclusive truck of “Beautiful love”. 

Players were waiting anxiously for the performance of Justin Bieber, he also unveiled the permanent in-game character modeled and distributed to all the players. To make this event more memorable, they also gave away the profoundly desired Magic Cube to players. And also allowed their players to effortlessly reclaim their number one elite outfit packages and fight in style. 

Swap tokens For elide prizes and partake in different missions

Players had the option to take a stab at different day-to-day and time-restricted missions and collect tokens that could be traded for selective prizes in the trade store. With notable ensembles and exemplary weapons accessible to open during these missions, players could anticipate a nostalgic and invigorating experience consistently.

New maps and modes to explore 

Broad, unique guides are notable highlights of Free Fire and players were anticipating the arrival of another guide Nexterra, which had been improved with different components to raise and enhance the fight insight for players. The players can also explore these new game modes and enjoyed them.

Some new game modes are including in free fire 5th anniversary :

  • Droid Apocalypse is an exclusive mode released on the fifth anniversary, in this mode 12 players have played in each match. The players are competing to turn into a definitive droid. Players must choose their kind of droid and convert whatever number of people could be expected under the circumstances before the time runs out. At the point when just a foreordained number of people remain, they’re changed into hunters. You can also improve the state also as, the capacity to for all time to eliminate droid. In the last, the winner is who’ve high points than the other after three round is completed. The points are gained on the best performance. 
  • Another mode is free for all, in this mode sixteen players can play this match. Players have to select their weapons and eliminate the other players from the match. The first player chooses the matches that will be able to gather the predetermined amount of points.

The free fire token was Red. the players used Red tokens to attend the “Clash Squad Cup Upgrade Voucher.”  

The fifth anniversary was held on 27 August 2021.

Yes, the game company distributed the free character, but players spent their many for purchasing diamonds. Thiva was also provided to the players without any cost. 

The Bottom Lines

Here we discussed the fifth anniversary of the free fire which was held on 27 August. The company celebrates this event on a huge level. million people watch this concert live. Justin Bibber was also united for the performance and also grabbed the attention of the audience. In this event, the players got to give away and also free characters. The new modes of this game were also launched. If you want to know more information then please keep visiting our website. If you want to ask any questions mention them in the comment, we’ll answer them.   

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