How much Free Fire Data Usage per Game

How much Free Fire Data Usage per Game

As we all know that different types of games consume different types of mb data. For example, PUBG mobile consumed approximately 28.06 MB of data each hour. At the same time, Free Fire Data usage takes about 30.6 MB per hour. The free fire comes with 30.6 MB and takes about three matches per hour. It consumes less MB as compared to other games. But Free fire max uses more MB in comparison to Free fire.

Free Fire Data usage depends upon Game Mode.

The game mode also affects the usage of MB and how much you do voice chat in a match. Usually, Free Fire under 50 mb usage each hour. If the free fire is played for a week for one hour daily, it uses 224 MB, and in a month, it uses 960 MB.

In the table, you can see free fire how much mb consume per hour.

Player time per day1 hour2 hours3 hours4 hours
Data usage per day32 MB64 MB96 MB128 MB
Data usage per week224 MB 448 MB 672 MB896 MB
Data usage per month 960MB1.92GB 2.81 GB 3.8 GB

How much speed do you need to play Free Fire?

Some players like to play Free fire at good speed internet. That’s why they don’t use the home internet. And usually, they prefer a telephone company network so they can enjoy and play in a better way.

Although, this game doesn’t require a very high-speed internet connection. The internet speed is 1-2 MB, enough to deliver a good playing experience. 

Tips for using lower data in online games 

Follow the given steps to control your data consumption:

  • Update your wifi, and choose App manually for this purpose.
  • Installation of games file is heavy, so only download it from wifi.
  • Set usage limitations for every App.
  • Don’t watch videos using mobile data.


It takes 744 MB for an android device. The android user must keep 1.5 GB free to download this game.

This game is heavier than Free fire. It requires more than one GB. To download this game, you’ve more than 2 GB of storage is free.

There is a question in everyone’s mind which game Pubg or Freefire uses more storage.PUBG requires more than 2 GB for download, while free fire takes 720 MB. Thats why PUBG needs more storage.

Final words  

In this post, we describe how much Free Fire Data usage while you’re playing. We shared with you some calculations per hour daily. We also shared how you can consume less data while playing this game. I hope this post answers your many questions. For more data and information, please keep visiting our site. If you’ve any questions related to this post, you can mention them in the comment section underneath we will answer them.

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