Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks to become a good Player

Free Fire Pro Tips and Tricks

Today I’m going to share with you some free fire pro tips and tricks that will help you to improve your gameplay and become a pro player in free fire. A lot of these tips and tricks are for beginners but if you are not a beginner there could be the same tips and tricks in this post that could help you to improve your gameplay.

Let’s start with

Tips No 1 (Big mistake while firing )

A very big mistake we see a lot of players make is that they stay in the same place after fire when you fire your position will be revealed in the enemy’s mini-map. So, if your enemy knows your location it will be easy for them to plan a strategy on how to attack you, so instead of staying in the same place after firing try to change your location several times Now when you do this it will confuse your enemy and when your enemy gets confused it will be hard for them to plan a strategy on how to attack you.

Tips no 2 ( Camping on house on free fire mistake )

The second tip we going to tell you, another very big mistake that we see a lot of beginners do, the mistake that these players do is that they camp in house in every game and stay for their enemies to camp nearly so guys now here’s the thing if you keep camping in houses in every game you won’t learn how to handle and attack on enemy Instead of staying in houses go and rush your enemy. With time and experience you all learn how to handle, defeat and enemy. You don’t get to play well if you stay in the house. Go play Rush Kill or Die.

Tips no 3 ( Mistake reloading gun during fight )

Reload before engaging in a fight. If you don’t reload before engaging in a fight you’re all to reload in front of the enemy if by any chance you’ve to reload your gun in front of your enemy so don’t wait for your gun to reload, switch to the other guns and attack on enemy.

Tips no 4 ( Safe landing on free fire )

When you land, try to land before your enemy if your enemy lands before you theirs is higher chance that the enemy could take a gun before you. If you want to land faster you need to use Falco. It has the ability to increase the gliding and diving speed.

Tips no 5 (Don’t run with gun during fight )

Don’t run with your gun if you run with your gun, it will decrease your movement speed. As you know movement speed is very Important in a match so when running switch to the fist or Melee weapon.

Tips no 6 (Chromo Shield Trick )

The no 6 trick is that the Pros Player use to trap enemies, To do this trick you need to activate chromo Shield when your enemy comes near you next quickly go a bit out of your shield to pretend to the enemy that you’re going to run away. Now once the enemy comes inside the shield Quickly go back inside and attack the enemy.

More Free Fire pro Tips and Tricks will be share soon

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