Headshot Mistakes That Makes You A Noob In Free Fire

Headshot Mistakes That Makes You A Noob In Free Fire

Today I am talking about Headshot mistakes that makes you a noob In Free Fire . And the player mistakes that make you a noob in free fire and how to fix them to get better at headshots

let’s start Free Fire Tips and Tricks

No 1 mistake ( Don’t Speedy Fire )

The number one mistake I see in players is that they drag the fire button at the wrong speed. for example, in long range if you drag the fire button very fast the bullet will go over the enemy head an in-short range if you drag the fire button very slowly the bullets will stuck in the enemy’s body so to fix this in long rang make sure to drag the fire button in a slow speed and in mid-range make sure to drag the fire button in a normal speed and in short-range make sure to drag the fire button fast

No 2 mistake ( Red crosshair method )

Second mistake players do is that they use the red crosshair method to aim in short-range and drag the fire button straight upwards in-short range it’s very hard to get us using the red crosshair method because the aim will get stuck in the enemy’s body defaulting .so instead of using the redcross hair method in-short range I recommended you to use the white crosshair it’s one of the easiest way to get headshot in short-range is to place the cross tail white and below the enemy’s level and next quickly drag the fire button on point.

No 3 mistake ( Kill Enemy’s head )

As I said before, it’s very hard to get a headshot in short-range when you’re using the red dame method. For example, when you use SMG guns, you think most people might have gone through a situation where when you try to drag in short range, the aim gets stuck in the enemy’s body. Fix this when dragging the fire button upwards, try to jump several times when firing. this trick will help you most of the time, the aim goes up to the enemy’s head. this method is very good when using SMG guns such as the MP40, but don’t use this method when doing on taps.

No 4 mistake ( Continuously fire on free fire )

Most of the players continuously fire on enemy but when you do this the crosstalk will start to get larger and your bullet will start recoil, for example, when I continuously fire a lot of bullet are spreading all across, the place instead of going  towards the enemy’s head, so to fix this make sure to drag and find split, first fire a few bullet next up and again for a few bullets , then again stop, and you can keep  doing this as much as you want this method will appear to control the recoil when using guns such as shotguns and the desert eagle. A lot of players will keep continuously firing, but when you continuously fire, the bullet will start to recoil, so when using such guns try to do the one tap and run method instead of continuously firing.

For tips and trick visit here : https://freefirebattles.com/free-fire-pro-tips-and-tricks/

No 5 mistakes ( Scope open on long short range )

When the player opens the scope and drag in-short range and mid-range. If you open the scope and drag in mid-range and specially in short-range> Most of the time bullet will stuck in the enemy body because of the defaulting when dragging in mid-range and short-range try to use the crosshair instead of the scope but in long-range I recommended You to use the scope to aim when dragging instead of the crosshair.

More headshot mistakes In Free Fire will be share soon

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