How To Play Free Fire Game in 2024

how to play free fire

It’s a battles game developed by Garena. In this game, there is a barren island where you’re looking for weapons and other protection resources to increase your chance of survival. You have to fight with the other players and eliminate them—the winner of the game who’s the last survivor. 

The free fire received the “most popular voted game” award from the Play store in 2021.

How to start game free fire?

At the start of this game, you are dropped from the airplane. You’re on the hoverboard from where you can fall to the desired location on the map. There is a lot of worth point of visiting on the map. After landing at your selected place, you must find weapons to maintain your health. An ideal loadout is a long-range weapon like a sniper and a close-range weapon like a shotgun and SMG.

After selecting your loadout, follow the sound clue and gunfires that help you lead your enemies. Be patient during the fight as they can determine the destiny of your endurance.

Many other aspects

There are many other aspects considered as well. EP (Energy Power) is included in one of them, which found mushrooms around the Free Fire map. If you’ve to take sudden hefty damage, you can use these to have a reserve well-being bar that would mend you gradually. 

Choosing character in Free Fire

This game is all about choosing the exemplary character. You’ve to select the correct character according to your play style. And you can see a lot of differences in the matches. That’s why choosing the exemplary character complements your playing style and suits you. 

How to Play free fire on PC

free fire on pc

You can play this game on PC, on a big screen, play with a mouse and keyboard, and sit on a comfy chair. The android emulator allows you to use mobile games on your PC. Using a mouse and keyboard will enable you to perform more actions. In this article, we’ll explain free fire how to play this game on your PC and how it differs from the experience on mobile and laptop. 

Free Fire on PC

feature of free fire

There are some features that you can enjoy on a PC.

  • You can use a mouse and keyboard to control your character in the game.
  • You can fast up your action with intelligent controls, and you can lock and freeze your cursor depending upon the action you perform. 
  • You can also reduce clutter on your screen. 
  • You can also framerate from 25fps to an incredible 60fps.
  •  You to robotize a succession of activities what more run them in one go through the script feature, Permitting you can speed up your play.
  • At any moment, you can freely look at 360 degrees. And faster than the mobile version.
  • You can play multiple games at one time by using Multi-instance. For example, you can play another game while waiting for the next match.

These are some excellent features you can enjoy on the PC but not on the mobile. That’s why you enjoy this game more on PC than on mobile.

Tutorial (How to Play Free Fire for beginners)

YouTube video


Yes, playing this game on PC is fair because the other players against you also enable the same features. They also used Bluestack for playing this game on PC.

Yes, this game is available on the play store, so you download it on your mobile and enjoy it.

This game helps in enhancing your mental abilities and makes you fresh. There is no harm in playing this game.

The best guns include 5 M1887 (Shotgun), 5 M1887 (Shotgun), 2 MP40 (SMG), and many more.

Yes with bluetooth connection you can play free fire game with controller.

If you are facing same isue again and again. You can choose another weapon.

The Bottom Lines 

In this article, we explained how to play free fire on PC and android in detail. There are more features of this game you can enjoy by playing this game on your PC. suppose you have any questions regarding this game, then inform us in the comment section. And keep visiting our website for further details.

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