How to Rush on Enemy in Free Fire Safely

rush on enemy in Garena Free Fire

Are you tired of being knocked down by other players while attempting to rush, and do you want to know the secret strategies, tips, and tricks that pro players use to rush? Today I am going to cover topics on How to Rush on Enemy in Free Fire Safely and how to create a rush plan, when to rush and when not to rush, mistakes that players make when rushing and the best characters to use when rushing in free fire.

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Rushing in Free Fire

When rushing in free fire basically means when you and your squad are going into the enemy’s territory and eliminating them, but before we learn how to rush, we need to know when to rush and when not to rush. Before rushing first, you need to see whether you’ve the necessary things such as Gloo walls, Enough Hp, Helmets, Vests, Medic kits, Permanent or temporary cover, etc. One of the biggest mistakes players do when rushing is that they don’t make a plan before rushing. It’s very important. If you’re playing a solo match, you will need to create your own plan to rush, but if you are playing with your squad, the team leader will have to create the plan on how to rush.

When creating a rush plan, try to find the “safest route” for you and your squad to take to get into enemy territory. Don’t rush straight to the enemy; there’s a higher chance that your enemy could easily take you down with a headshot. If you and your squad rush straight into the enemy and open ground, As you all know, it’s always better to do a surprise attack on the enemy. This way, the enemy won’t have enough time to plan how to defend. So instead of rushing straight into the enemy, you and your squad could take a different route or routes to get into the enemy territory.

Planing for Rush on enemy in free fire

When you’re playing with your squad, first you need to appoint a leader. If you already appointed one, the leader will have to create the plans and give instructions to the other teammates on how and where to rush. The. The other teammates can get different routes according to their skills, such as Rusher, Sniper, Flanker, Medic, Helper, Grenade expert, etc. If you and your teammates don’t help each other in the match, it will be very hard to create a good rushing plan. So, always try to talk with your teammates and follow the leader instruction

Best Free Fire Guns for Rushing

The other thing you need to know before rushing is what the best guns and characters are to use when rushing. Most of the time, the rushers will have good close-range Guns such as SMG’s and Shotgun’s. If you carry the wrong set of guns, the enemy side will have a better advantage in the fight. When choosing the guns for rushing, try to choose the guns that have a high rate of fire and can do a decent amount of damage. For SMG the guns that I recommend are the Mp40, the Mp5 Double Vector, and the UMP for short guns. The best guns that I recommend are the M1887 and the MAX 7.

Best character for rush in free fire.

Best character for rush in free fire.

When you Rush choose the “Skyler” character. Skyler can unleash a supersonic wave, It can damage up to five global within 100 meters. Each global deployed will result in an increasing “SP Recovery”, which will begin at 9 points. These two skins can be very important for rushing, so I highly recommend at least one of your squadmates use a Styler character. The second character that I would recommend to you is Wukong. This character can be very useful for those who do Solo Rusher because Wukong’s skin can get refreshed as soon as you knock down an enemy. Tracking is a very important part when rushing down an enemy. That’s because if you know the enemy’s location, it will be easy to plan and attack that enemy, so I highly recommend at least one of your teammates use the MOKU characters. Movement speed also plays a huge role when rushing, so you use Kelly’s character. Because Kelly’s skin increases the movement speed by six percent,

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