How To Add Friends in Free Fire | Invite Friend easily

how to add friends in free fire

Garena Free Fire is a game where you invite your friends and enjoy the match. Most beginner players want to know how to add friends in Free Fire. This article will show you How To Add Friends in Free Fire and play with your favorite players or friends. 

Steps to add friends in free fire

How to add friends in free fire Andriod and iOS

If you want to invite your friend to the game on (adnroid and iOS) and enjoy free fire by playing with your friends, then follow the given steps: 

  • On the right-hand side click on the “Invite button”  from the lobby.
  • The menu option is available on the screen to click on Add friend option.
  • The new interface appears here you can see the list of players.
  • There is a + icon in front of every player, invite friends in Garena free fire.
  • If you want to add specific friends tap on the search bar.
  • As your invited friend accept the request they appear in the menu of your lobby as well as on the game friends tab.

How play against Friend in the Free fire?

If you want to play against your friends to check out who is the best player among you then follow the given steps:

  • Download the VPN of your choice.
  • Delete your previous account and create new Facebook or Google account to log in purpose.
  • Now from the VPN, you can change your location according to your required region.

As you have done all the steps now you are on the common server now you can play at the same time. One thing you have to concentrate that you and your friends have the same rank.

Note: if it works, repeat the same process and exist from the current match. Now both of you fight against each other and know who is the best player.

Tutorial For how to add friend and play in free fire

YouTube video

You can find your id by clicking on your profile in the upper left side of the main menu. When your profile is open, you can see your id under the IGN.

There are many user ID uses, but it’s mainly used to add a friend to the game.

Yes, it helps you to invite your friend to play the match with you.

Click on this button in the upper right corner of the lobby to select a Different mode. You’ll have more than two option options: Solo, Duo, and Squad. Selecting a Duo or Squad will open the side menu of friends. When you click on the + icon, a Garena Free Fire invitation will be sent to them.

Yes, you can play or invite a free fire max player if you are a free fire player or vice versa

You can see your free fire id by clicking your profile picture which is in the left upper corner of the main menu. As your profile picture is open you can see your id.

The Bottom Lines

In this article, we explain how you add your friends to free fire. You also come to know how you can play against your friends to examine who is the better player. We tried to discuss every point which may arise in your mind as a new player. If you have any questions regarding this post please let us know in the comment area we will answer them. 

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